Castle Mortgage Loan

The Challenge
The client offers real estate mortgage loan services in various states across the United States of America . The client wanted an online presence, for which he was seeking an organization that could design and develop a website that would portray professionalism and also promote the site in search engines. The aim of the client is as follows:

-To develop a mortgage website targeting US market which would also support existing mortgage website working in restricted areas of US(Florida/Georgia/Alabama)

-To develop a website where people can easily find the mortgage brokers from any state in US and can shop for mortgage loans comparing best mortgage rates provided in that respective state

Real estate mortgage industry is a highly competitive business in the United States, a reason why the client was very particular about the design and promotion of the site. In short, the client wanted his website to rank high in search engines, over the sites of several competing websites/businesses that flocked the market.

Our Response
The entire project, comprising the design, development and promotion of the site was handed over to SynapseIndia. The internet marketing team worked in close collaboration with the design and development team to ensure that the client got what he was looking for.

The team first started with a thorough research of several top of the line real estate websites across the US that offered mortgage loan services. Particular emphasis was given on the search engine friendliness of such sites. This overview was utilized in designing a website that could be quickly promoted for top pages ranking. The internet marketing team worked in close collaboration with the designers and developers to ensure that criteria sought by search engines are fulfilled by the design. The website we finally delivered is a fully functional and comprehensive one with a variety of features and functionalities some of which are as follows:

-Functionality to register as mortgage broker/lender
-Functionality to shop for mortgage loans for any US state
-Functionality to compare mortgage rates among 3 lenders in a particular state
-Functionality to calculate mortgage using a mortgage calculator
-Support existing mortgage websites which the client had in other parts of the country

Once the site was developed, the internet marketing team started promoting it. A promotional strategy was already chalked out during the design/development phase, which was materialized once the site was live on the web. The team undertook an intense optimization program that involved both off-page and on-page optimization and linking of the site with popular websites to increase its popularity. To keep up with the high competition, periodic checkpoints were maintained so that the project could stick to all the required constraints.

The Result
The site is today fully operational and can be viewed at: Promotion of the site is on in full swing and results are expected within a few months. However, after a month of promotion the site has started climbing up the ranks in all major search engines steadily. Number of visitors to the websites are increasing significantly, and so the enquires.

Last updated : Apr 17, 2008