Insurance & Finance Content

The Challenge:
CoulsonPritchard offers a range of insurance and financial services towards protecting freelance contractors working in the UK. acts as an interface by which the company reaches out to interested professionals.

The client wanted to promote his online identity through its website via improving visibility on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Other important requirements detailed by the client were to boost traffic, leads and resulting returns on investment. The Synapse Interactive copywriters’ team had to develop content around specific freelance insurance services. The need was to write articles, blogs and web page content, woven around intricate details related to the subject of insurance. The content was expected to be both Search Engine-friendly as well as good to read.

The Response:
 Since the client was very particular about obtaining the best visibility with some the most competitive keywords and phrases, in addition to mandatory research, we also had to develop content specific to keywords/key-phrases - many of which were long-tailed.

The SEO copywriters worked on delivering articles and blogs - both for on-page and off-page uses - and delivered a count of 32 webpage content to make the site keyword optimized as well as informative.

The Result:
The efforts laid by content/copywriters at Synapse Interactive paid off with drastic gain in search engine prominence of the site.

Last updated : Apr 27, 2010