The Challenge

CoulsonPritchard offers a variety of business insurance products and financial services aimed at protecting freelance contractors in the U.K. The client uses the website, to create awareness on insurance products for freelance contractors and to reach out to them with the numerous products and services being offered.

The client wanted to promote his business through its website. This required the best possible visibility of the website on Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines, since these engines constitute the majority of the online traffic volume. Other important prerequisites were increased traffic and leads that followed, and resulting increase in returns on investment.

The Response

The challenge was all-round because of three initial reasons. First, the keywords to be ranked were competitive, second, maintaining the top rankings with existing keywords required continuous dedicated efforts, and third, being acquainted with a previously unexplored and competitive industry required substantial research. The client was very particular about obtaining the best visibility with the most competitive keywords and phrases, and hence the team had to make sure that results could be delivered at all costs.

The team started working on the project by identifying an approach commensurate to the highly competitive task that was at hand. The client was also very particular about the look and feel of the website, leaving very little space for the team to work on on-page optimization. Hence, the onus was on utilizing available space up to the fullest. A variety of off-page optimization practices were also undertaken to support the on-page practices and to achieve the best possible results for the website.

The Result

The steps taken by the Internet marketing team paid off well. Initial results started showing in due course of time and even the results were in accordance to what was promised to the client.


  • Is a website with growing popularity in its domain
  • Receives a substantial number of visitors
  • Generates significant inquires


Keywords Before After
pi insurance 5 1
indemnity insurance 7 3
professional indemnity insurance 7 2
professional indemnity 8 4
professional liability insurance 12 1
Last updated : Apr 01, 2007
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.