About www.dSearchison.com

dSearchison.com was looking for rapid improvement in its SERP results positioning on Google.com as well as speedy traffic volume from outside India. The keywords were very much competitive and we were expected to get the desired ranking in Google for the site.

Measured Steps:

Our digital marketing strategies were drafted carefully to get the desired results. The following steps were been taken up to ensure that we promote the site according to the white hat SEO standards assuring sustainable stay on search results.

On-Page Optimization:

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analysis
  • Title-MetaData Development
  • Title-MetaData Implementation in the website pages
  • Canonical URL Optimization

Webmaster Account:

  • Webmaster Account and Verification in Google and Bing
  • Submitting Sitemap in Google and Bing
  • Setting Preferred Domain Name
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Account Set-up
  • Goolge Analytics Tracking Code Implementation in the website
  • Monitoring traffic from India and Outside India

Off Page Optimization:

  • Blog Profile Set-up
  • Link Building
  • Article and Blog writing
  • Article Syndication
  • Press Release Syndication
  • Forum Posting Account Creation
  • Thread Posting
  • RSS Creation for the website
  • Sitemap (XML) Creation
  • RSS Submission

Social Media Activity:

  • Updating Facebook Wall with new posts
  • Facebook Likes from outside India
  • New Tweets in Twitter
  • Twitter Followers
  • Linkedin Company Wall update with new posts
  • Inviting friends in Linkedin
  • Adding friends in Linkedin


Keywords PerformanceGoogle.com

Keywords Before After
list of market research companies Not in 100 7
top market research companies Not in 100 10
marketing research companies Not in 100 10
sample market research report Not in 100 15
marketing research methods Not in 100 23
b2b market research Not in 100 30
software market research Not in 100 34
market research template Not in 100 35
business research reports Not in 100 39
market research outsourcing Not in 100 59
top market research firms Not in 100 66
market research software Not in 100 67
Last updated : Jul 19, 2012
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.