e-kitchendesigner.com benefits from good traffic today. Thanks to smart PPC campaign that Synapse Interactive internet marketing team has set up.


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The Challenge:

The client approached Synapse Interactive internet marketing team with a need to ‘setup’ and ‘manage’ Google AdWords PPC campaign for better lead generation in a cost effective manner.

About the Company:

e-kitchendesigner.com helps home owners with designing a kitchen. The business extends its services in the areas like kitchen layout, counters, colors, cabinets, and flooring – in addition to an all-encompassing research, planning and consulting services.

The Response:

The Internet marketing team at Synapse Interactive successfully setup separate Google AdWords PPC campaigns for e-kitchendesigner.com. The team began its effort with keywords research for various areas such as Kitchen Design, kitchen remodel, Kitchen Cabinets Design, Kitchen Flooring and Kitchen Counters. The task ended with successful setting up of ad groups and developed various ads corresponding to the service areas.

In addition, the Synapse Interactive internet marketing team worked on increasing the quality of ads, keywords categorization, bid management, and landing page optimization. During the process, the team also focused on some less competitive keywords to minimize CPC.

The Result:

The team successfully set up the campaign in a way desired by the client.

Today, after 2 months from the date of its initiation, http://www.e-kitchendesigner.com benefits from,

  • Increased ad impression

  • Increased clicks

  • Increased CTR (click through rate)

  • Decreased CPC, and

  • Increased leads


Last updated : Jul 02, 2010