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The Challenge is an easy-to-use gateway where patients can access more than 720,000 registered doctors, hospitals, and care facilities across the US . The website utilizes a unique proprietary rating system to rate doctors according to their training, expertise, and patient opinion to make the task of choosing doctors easy and fast. Patients can register and start searching doctors and hospitals, and can rate doctors. Doctors have to register with their details (expertise, training, etc) to become a featured doctor.

The client was looking for ways to increase the popularity of the website. For this, he wanted to have the website optimized for better PR and high search engine placement to increase its visibility in major search engines and subsequently attract more traffic. These were the requirements when the website was handed over to SynapseInteractive for search engine optimization.

The Response
Helping a dynamic website with 720,000 US doctors on a single website having individual webpage for every doctor with his detailed information rank with some highly competitive keywords was the biggest challenge at the hands of the Internet marketing team of Synapse Interactive. The team initially planned a failsafe promotional approach to attain the best possible results in the shortest period of time. They first got the individual sections of the website developed under proper SEO consultancy and integrated all the dynamic pages in such a way that would be recognized by search engines. Once the search engine friendly structure was developed, the team undertook a thorough keyword analysis with which the website had to be ranked and followed a series of off-page and on-page optimization practices keeping in mind the business of the client, the targeted audience, and usability. A series of period checks were made to ensure that the never project deviated from its course. The team also kept a firm watch on competitive websites and ongoing search engine behaviors and implemented instant remedial steps so that results were not delayed.

The Result
Ranking a dynamic website rank high in major search engines with some especially competitive keywords was challenging and required not only dedicated efforts but also experience and anticipation of search engine behaviors by the team. However, everything paid of well and the website has excelled in terms of:

  • Incoming Traffic
  • Ranking in all major search engines
  • Subscriptions, and
  • Return on investment (ROI)

Keywords PerformanceGoogle

Keywords Before After
Rated doctors NA 2
Find a Doctor NA 3
Find Doctor NA 5
Find a Physician NA 5
Featured Doctors NA 7
Rate Doctors 47 8
Online Doctor Registration 87 8
Doctor Registration 56 11
Registration For Doctors 75 15

Keywords PerformanceMSN

Keywords Before After
Rated doctors NA 1
Find a Doctor NA NA
Find Doctor NA NA
Find a Physician NA NA
Featured Doctors NA 1
Rate Doctors NA 1
Online Doctor Registration 36 11
Doctor Registration 77 3
Registration For Doctors 45 21

Keywords PerformanceYahoo

Keywords Before After
Rated doctors NA 1
Find a Doctor NA NA
Find Doctor NA NA
Find a Physician NA NA
Featured Doctors NA 1
Rate Doctors NA 4
Online Doctor Registration NA 1
Doctor Registration NA 4
Registration For Doctors NA 3
Last updated : Apr 01, 2007
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.