Fitness Protocols is a fitness improvement guide designed to help people ensure success in their fitness endeavors. The book guides people about how to accomplish lasting weight loss and fitness improvement. The book is made available through and Fitness Protocols also provides various fitness apps for fitness improvement. 

The Challenge: 

Fitness Protocols was looking for speedy improvement in its SERP results positioning on We were expected to ensure rapid and sustained improvement on 

Measured Steps: 

Our strategic Internet marketing effort (including On Page & Off Page optimization practices) helped gain on ranking almost immediately we began taking steps. Following is the list of activities we undertook and are taking in the due course to ensure improvement in ranking status of 

On Page Optimization 

Ø  Website analysis and SEO refinement suggestions

Ø  Content Optimization

Ø  Title & meta description optimization

Ø  Link optimization

Ø  Image optmization

Ø  SEO specific tag

Ø  Keywords optimization

Off Page Optimization 

Ø  Article writing and publishing

Ø  Blog writing and posting

Ø  Directories submission

Ø  Social Bookmarking

Ø  PDF submission

Ø  Press release submission

Ø Classifieds Submission

The Result: 

Our strategic and relentless SEO steps helped to experience: 

Ø  Improved search engine ranking on all the competitive keywords.

Ø  Improved traffic inflow

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Last updated : Nov 14, 2011
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