The Challenge:

The client is one of the leading largest accounting firms and one of the best benefits specialist, apart from being one of the largest business insurance and management organizations ranked among the fifteen largest valuation and management companies in the world. The client offers outsourced business services, financial, licenses, investment, and other legal services apart from quality and effectual business solutions ranging from accounting and taxation, insurance to a wide range of legal and business consulting services.

A major area of focus of the client’s business was to work with companies from all areas of the economy to help employees relocate, offering legal support for citizen services including Instant citizenship, migration, immigration, diplomatic passport and similar services. The client wanted to promote this legal service and handed over the responsibility to Synapse Interactive to help the website rank high in major search engines.

The Response:

Getting the website ranked top in major search engines required considerable effort and time. The website had no PR and moreover, few pages of the website were recognized by search engines, and those recognized were under penalty at the time when it was handed over to Synapse Interactive. Hence, the initial task was to have the penalty removed. Secondly, the website had extensive amount Flash on its pages, an aspect that required designing efforts for favorable search engine results.

Once the structure of the web pages was made in conformance to search engines, the team undertook a thorough keyword analysis with which the website had to be ranked. This was followed by a series of off-page and on-page optimization practices that were carried out keeping in mind the business of the client, the targeted audience, and usability. A number of checkpoints were distributed in the course of the project to ensure that at no point of time did the project deviate from its course. Moreover, the team kept a firm watch on competitive websites and search engine behaviors to ensure instant remedial steps and that the results were achievable in the shortest possible time.

The Result:

The project entailed the team to work on a completely new industry where competitors are less but competition is stiff. However, the experience and dedication paid of and the results were quite commensurate to what was envisioned by the client at the time of handing over of the project.

Today www.gerald :

  • Is well indexed by major search engines
  • Is favorably ranked in major search engines with targeted keywords
  • Enjoys increased traffic/visitors

Keywords PerformanceGoogle

Keywords Before After
Second Passport NA 13
Instant Second Citizenship Services NA 7
Second Citizenship Services NA 6
Instant Second Citizenship NA 4
Instant Diplomatic Passport NA 8
Surinam Passport NA 13
Instant Citizenship NA 5
Suriname Citizenship NA 1

Keywords PerformanceMSN

Keywords Before After
Second Passport NA 5
Instant Second Citizenship Services NA 1
Second Citizenship Services NA 2
Instant Second Citizenship NA 1
Instant Diplomatic Passport NA 4
Surinam Passport NA NA
Instant Citizenship NA 1
Suriname Citizenship NA 8

Keywords PerformanceYahoo

Keywords Before After
Second Passport NA NA
Instant Second Citizenship Services NA 1
Second Citizenship Services NA 8
Instant Second Citizenship NA 6
Instant Diplomatic Passport NA 11
Surinam Passport NA NA
Instant Citizenship NA 8
Suriname Citizenship NA 10
Last updated : Feb 01, 2007
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.