The Challenge:

 GetSolar has been helping homeowners and businesses across America make the smart switch to solar power since early 2007. With humble beginnings in a cramped office near MIT University, we’ve grown to become the leading resource for objective solar advice and competitive proposals from a trusted network of solar installers.

The Response:

 The Internet marketing team at Synapse Interactive successfully manages Google AdWords PPC campaign for The team began its effort with keywords research for various services such as for solar installation, solar installers, solar panel etc. The effort ended with successful setting up of ad groups and developed various ads corresponding to the service areas.


As a countermeasure, they started working on increasing the quality of ads, keywords categorization, bid management, landing page optimization, A/B testing. The team also focused on some less competitive keywords so that CPC could be minimized.

The Result:

 The team successfully set up the campaign in a way desired by the client.

Today, benefits from,

Increased ad impression

Increased clicks

Increased CTR (click through rate)

Decreased CPC, and

Increased leads


Last updated : Nov 18, 2009