K9sales.com represents a niche business and the keywords we had to optimize the site around were highly competitive.


SynapseIndia.com can help you too to enjoy prominence on the web.



The Challenge:


k9sales.com was looking for an SEO-friendly website to be developed. After development, they were looking for SEO consultancy for the website with a set of highly competitive keywords. 

The niche business and a list of highly competitive keywords were the major hindrances in helping k9sales achieve its goal.


About the Company:


K9sales.com is a web-based portal that lists puppies with details provided by their owners. The site help interested buyers to research, find a puppy of choice, and contact the owner to arrange for inspection and purchase.


Measured Steps:


We had to work with our development team and suggest on page refinement works in order to make the website SEO friendly.


We accomplished following on-page works to make website SEO friendly:


- Website analysis and refinement suggestions

  • Unique Title and Meta development for home page and core pages of the website

  • Image optimization

  • Interlinking with relevant keywords

  • Header Tag optimization (h1)

  • Canonical optimization

- Absolute path fixing

  • Google Analytics Account setup and code implementation throughout website pages

  • Content optimization

  • Webmaster account setup (Google, Bing and Yahoo)

  • Sitemaps creation (XML, TXT, ROR)

  • Robots.txt file creation for the website

  • Submission of website and sitemaps in webmaster tool



The Response:


Within one months of working with SynapseIndia, k9sales obtained ranking on Google.com for 5 highly competitive and traffic driving keywords.


Keywords PerformanceGoogle.com Ranking

Keywords Before After
Appenzeller Sennenhunde Puppies for sale nil 19
Azawakh Puppies for sale nil 33
Bracco Italiano Puppies for sale nil 58
argentine dogo pirata for sale nil 5
bracco italiano puppies for sale nil 81
Last updated : Jul 19, 2010
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.