Mydentisthungary represents a niche industry of dental solutions. The keywords on which of the site was to be ranked were highly competitive but we managed to exceed the client’s expectations.


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About MydentistHungary


MyDentistHungary is a professional dental clinic in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, where dental excellence is combined with meticulous care to cater to patients’ needs. As specialists and staff are trained at multiple languages, communication is easy between them and the patients, who are offered various favorable deals as regards the dental fees, as well as free consultation, X-rays and rides from and to the airport.


The Challenge:


The MydentistHungary website was completely new when the Synapse Interactive team was approached by the client. We were expected to ensure rapid and sustained improvement in the SERPs on its targeted locations (that is US and Hungary) on Google.


Measured Steps:


Our strategic Internet marketing efforts (including systematic on page and off page optimization practices) helped gain on ranking almost immediately we began taking steps. Following are the list of activities that we have taken to ensure improvement in ranking status of


On Page Optimization


  • Website analysis and SEO refinement suggestions

  • Content Optimization

  • Title & meta description optimization

  • Link optimization

  • Image optimization

  • Seo specific tag

  • Keywords optimization


Off Page Optimization


  • Article writing and publishing

  • Blog writing and posting at different websites

  • Submission in directories

  • Social Bookmarking

  • SMO


The Result:

Our strategic and relentless SEO steps helped experience, improved search engine ranking on many competitive keywords.


Keywords PerformanceGoogle US

Keywords Before After
dental treatment hungary NA 13
dentistry hungary NA 6
budapest dentist NA 73
dentist budapest NA 69
dentist hungary NA 18
hungary dentist NA 32
dental clinic budapest NA 46
dental clinic hungary NA 15

Keywords PerformanceGoogle Hungary

Keywords Before After
dental treatment hungary NA 8
dentistry hungary NA 10
budapest dentist NA 86
dentist budapest NA 70
dentist hungary NA 12
hungary dentist NA 10
dental clinic budapest NA 47
dental clinic hungary NA 13
Last updated : Sep 28, 2010
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