PPC- Chad Nilsson

The Challenge
www.thousandsrightnow.com offers a unique business plan, ‘Emerald Passport' to help individuals earn substantially working from home. The client is a master in the online marketing arena and home business opportunities and wanted to offer this unique business opportunity to the maximum number of people. The client wanted to promote his business. For this, he wanted to get the best possible visibility for his website in major search engines, that too instantly.

The client wanted to opt for Pay Per Click advertising in Google since it handled the majority of traffic. The client wanted someone to manage the PPC campaign for better lead generation in a cost effective manner.

The Response
The initial Google Adwords campaign was set up by the client himself, however, the results were somehow not satisfactory, and the client was spending more than the returns. This was because the target market was highly competitive and the client had a low budget.

The Internet marketing team of Synapse Interactive initially started with a detailed analysis of the home business and Internet marketing industry and noticed that the CPC (cost per click) for the keywords was high in comparison to the quality of ads. As a countermeasure, they started working on increasing the quality of ads, categorizing the keywords, bid management, and also started focusing on some less competitive keywords so that the CPC could be minimized.

The Result
The team overcame the flaws in a short period of time and successfully set up the campaign in a way as desired by the client.

Today, www.thousandsrightnow.com


  • Increased ad impression
  • Increased clicks
  • Increased CTR (click through rate)
  • Decreased CPC, and
  • Increased leads


Last updated : Apr 02, 2007