Quik Starts

About quikstarts.com:

quikStarts.com helps it's users by showing steps to use technical products or services. This provides quick, simple, well illustrated quikStart guides.

The Challenge:

Our task was to create guides that would get posted on the site. The guides were expected to carry proper screenshots and descriptions below those screenshots to guide the users about various tools.

Measured Steps:

We have mostly worked on various MS Office tools like outlook, power-point, excel etc. We have followed the instructions shared by the client in creating screenshots. We have created screenshots about every step of the processes of creating or working on various platforms.

Alongside, we have also drafted the instructions step by step. We made sure the instructional statements would be simple which are easily understandable by even a non-technical person.

We have created more than 10 elaborated guides for client’s site. 

Last updated : Jul 19, 2012