Red BusShop

The Challenge
The client had a website, which he uses to market and sell souvenirs. The client was looking for ways to increase the sales from his websites. For this, he wanted the website to be ranked well in search engines so that visitors can easily locate the website amidst hundreds of websites offering similar products and services. The client wanted 100 one-way links from shopping related websites from the U.K.

The Response
The team of Internet marketing executives at Synapse Interactive started with a thorough analysis of the website, its features, and what aspects they should highlight at the time of sending the link requests. Once the analysis was over, they started building a database of prospective websites who were appropriate for contacting for this link exchange process.

At the time of handover, was newly launched. Moreover, it was not properly optimized, making it rather challenging for the team of link builders at Synapse Interactive to approach similar websites who had well optimized sites. The third challenge was the short time as the client wanted all 100 links to be exchanged within two months. The team had to multiply the number of requests sent to encounter this shortcoming. A thorough watch was kept to ensure that links were properly placed on the websites so that the maximum benefits could be reaped.

The Result
The plan and the associated steps taken by the Internet marketing team paid off well.

  • The links were delivered within the 2 months deadline as specified by the client
  • The quality of links helped the website in its ranking
  • The website started being frequently indexed and cached, drawing the benefit from the quality of websites linked to it
  • Number of relevant visitors increased significantly
Last updated : Jun 14, 2007