The Challenge:

Scintera is an Australian medical company dedicated to offering high quality and innovative wound management, skin health and vascular medical products to health professionals and consumers in Australia and New Zealand. It conforms to the standards of the ‘Medical Technology Association of Australia’ as well as a sincere and trustworthy company operating in two divisions - Scintera Medical and Scintera Consulting.

The challenge for the Synapse Interactive team was to help the site attain top pages for a list of highly competitive keywords.


The Response:

The online marketing team at Synapse Interactive banked on its experience of working with health and beauty industry and took strategized steps to ensure sustainable prominence of the client on web.

Our team initially formulated a promotional strategy keeping the client’s requirement as well as characteristics of major search engines in mind to attain the best possible results corresponding to website and its business.

We commenced with the campaign by analyzing the complete structure and layout of the website and suggested the steps as per SEO essentials so that all the pages of the website are recognized by search engines.

In addition to regular on-page and off-page optimization steps, we also participated in several SMO-specific practices to help businesses benefit from a comprehensive online presence.


The Result:

Although we are still working on the project, our sustained efforts laid so far have helped to benefit in:

  • Improved search engine ranking on many competitive keywords

  • Improved traffic inflow

Keywords PerformanceGoogle AU

Keywords Before After
scar treatment 1 1
scar sheet 2 1
scarring treatment 1 1
scar cream 1 1
scar removal cream 1 1
scars cream 1 1
scar reduction 2 2
treatment for scars 2 2
anti aging skin care 1 2
anti aging skin creams 4 3
scars removal 4 4
nose bleed 11 4
nosebleed 7 5
epistaxis 7 6
scars 9 6
heal scars 11 6
stop nose bleeds 5 6
anti aging serum 6 6
keloid scar 6 6
scarring 8 8
remove scars 3 9
anti aging skin 6 9
silicone scar 7 10
nose bleeds 8 10
breast augmentation scars 8 10
anti aging products 13 13
how to remove scars 7 17
how to get rid of scars 17 27
wrinkle cream 40 28
anti ageing 27 29
keloids 25 35
wrinkle treatment 30 38
scar gel 54 58
best anti aging NA NA
scar removal treatments NA 2
keloid scarring NA 6
scar removal treatment NA 11
skin scarring treatment NA 11
acne scarring treatment NA 25
keloid scarring treatment NA 25
acne scar treatment NA 26
acne scar treatments NA 45
scar acne treatment NA NA
acne laser treatment NA NA
Last updated : Apr 01, 2010
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.