The Challenge
The client had two websites dedicated to consumers evaluating the merits of spa ownership. The websites primarily features free listing of spa products. The free listing ensured that listings were exclusive done based on descriptions given by manufacturers and comments given by users who have been using the products. Buying a spa is a complex procedure when the intricate details of each type of spa and its associated benefits are involved; hence, the websites also focused on educating consumers about spa industry and spa products.

The client wanted to have both the website optimized, one targeting the global audience and the other targeting the UK . The client sent request for quotes to a number of Internet marketing companies across the globe and finally awarded the project to Synapse interactive based on their record of accomplishment.

The Response
The team started working on the websites by initially identifying the effectiveness of the websites with respect to search engines. Initial analyses showed both the sites to be under some penalties by major search engines, probably caused because one of the websites was a duplicate of the other one. The initial task was to get the sites out of penalty, and this required some design changes to be done on any one of the websites. Initially, the team got redesigned, as was the original website and was older of the two domains. Moreover, the structure of both the websites had to be modified as per search engine preferences and the call to actions had to be altered in order to improve conversion and enhanced usability.

Once both the websites were in tune with search engine optimization requirements, the team performed a thorough keyword research for both the websites keeping in mind the regionalized business that each website targeted and deduced a series of most effective keywords and key phrases. Then the team undertook a series of off-page and on-page optimization steps to get the sites get the desired focus and rankings on major search engines.

The Result
Having the sites redesigned and re-indexed in search engines takes some considerable time, which entirely depends on the behavior of the search engines. This was initially conveyed to the client, who in turn conveyed his readiness to wait to achieve favorable results. In between, the team kept a thorough watch on competition as well as search engine trends and made any alterations that were required to get the sites gets the best ranks in major search engines at the shortest possible period. The efforts put by the team eventually bore results and results started showing in due course of time.

Today, :

  • Is well indexed by major search engines
  • Is favorably ranked in major search engines with targeted keywords
  • Enjoys increased traffic

Keywords PerformanceGoogle

Keywords Before After
Hot Tubs NA 10
Buy a Hot Tub NA 7
Hot Tub Quote NA 5
Hot Tub Advice NA 1
Hot Tub Tips NA 8

Keywords PerformanceMSN

Keywords Before After
Hot Tubs NA NA
Buy a Hot Tub NA 1
Hot Tub Quote NA 2
Hot Tub Advice NA 1
Hot Tub Tips NA 2

Keywords PerformanceYahoo

Keywords Before After
Hot Tubs NA 8
Buy a Hot Tub NA 6
Hot Tub Quote NA 3
Hot Tub Advice NA 1
Hot Tub Tips NA 1
Last updated : Feb 01, 2007
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.