The Screaming O

The Challenge
The Screaming OTM is a terrific product to help couples achieve greater intimacy and Pleasure! The Screaming O is a disposable vibrating ring that has been designed to provide the user(s) with maximum stimulation. Once correctly positioned at the base of the penis, it will give gentle erotic vibration to the male and direct dynamic stimulation to the clitoris during intercourse.

The client was looking for effective SEO services to increase the popularity of the website and enhance the spectrum of his sales. His primary focus was to have the website listed in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) for the most competitive term (Vibrating Ring) within the industry vertical and hundreds of other keywords with high and average competition count.

The Response
The Synapse Interactive team initially planned and formulated a promotional strategy keeping the client’s requirement as well as characteristics of major search engines in mind to attain the best possible results. They first got the individual sections of the website developed under proper SEO consultancy and integrated all the dynamic pages in such a way that would be recognized by search engines. Once the search engine friendly structure was developed, the team undertook a thorough keyword analysis with which the website had to be ranked and followed by a series of on-page and off-page optimization practices.

The Result
We achieved the top page rankings in all three major search engines for all the most competitive keywords and client was very happy with the results achieved. The website and the client’s business is doing very well in terms of:

  • Incoming Traffic
  • Ranking in all major search engines
  • Return on investment (ROI)

Keywords PerformanceGoogle

Keywords Before After
Dick rings NA 2
Cock rings for sale NA 4
Vibrating condom NA 4
Pleasure ring NA 4
Dick ring NA 5
Vibrating cock rings NA 5
Vibrating penis ring NA 5
Vibrating ring NA 6
Penis ring NA 6
Best cock ring NA 6
Vibrating cockring 4 7
Vibrating rings NA 7
Best cockring NA 7
Penis Jewelery NA 8
Penis Jewellery NA 8
Penisring NA 8
Vibrating Penis Rings NA 9
Vibrator Cock Ring 4 10
Vibrating Condom Rings NA 10
How to use a Vibrating Cock Ring 10 11
Penis Bands NA 12
Vibrating couples ring NA 13
Best Vibrating Cock Ring 11 14
Penis Rings NA 14
Screaming Orgasims NA 14
Penis Ring Vibrator NA 15
Best Vibrating Ring NA 16
Vibrating Condoms NA 17
Cock Rings NA 18
Screaming o Honey NA 1

Keywords PerformanceMSN

Keywords Before After
Dick rings NA 49
Cock rings for sale NA 27
Vibrating condom NA 65
Pleasure ring NA NA
Dick ring NA 49
Vibrating cock rings NA 7
Vibrating penis ring 25 4
Vibrating ring NA 1
Penis ring NA NA
Best cock ring NA 37
Vibrating cockring 48 7
Vibrating rings NA 1
Best cockring NA 30
Penis Jewelery NA 19
Penis Jewellery NA 28
Penisring NA NA
Vibrating Penis Rings NA 4
Vibrator Cock Ring NA NA
Vibrating Condom Rings NA 9
How to use a Vibrating Cock Ring NA 14
Penis Bands NA 70
Vibrating couples ring NA 1
Best Vibrating Cock Ring 63 12
Penis Rings NA 20
Screaming Orgasims NA NA
Penis Ring Vibrator NA NA
Best Vibrating Ring NA 4
Vibrating Condoms NA 25
Cock Rings NA NA
Screaming o Honey NA 1

Keywords PerformanceYahoo

Keywords Before After
Dick rings NA 10
Cock rings for sale NA 1
Vibrating condom NA NA
Pleasure ring NA 53
Dick ring 52 2
Vibrating cock rings NA 31
Vibrating penis ring NA 6
Vibrating ring NA 9
Penis ring NA 35
Best cock ring NA 3
Vibrating cockring NA NA
Vibrating rings NA 3
Best cockring NA 9
Penis Jewelery NA NA
Penis Jewellery NA NA
Penisring NA 13
Vibrating Penis Rings NA 7
Vibrator Cock Ring NA 13
Vibrating Condom Rings NA 34
How to use a Vibrating Cock Ring NA 34
Penis Bands NA 2
Vibrating couples ring NA 2
Best Vibrating Cock Ring NA 4
Penis Rings 82 9
Screaming Orgasims 82 2
Penis Ring Vibrator 82 NA
Best Vibrating Ring 65 6
Vibrating Condoms NA NA
Cock Rings NA NA
Screaming o Honey NA 1
Last updated : Jul 16, 2008
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.