The Challenge:
TitanIcons.com, our client, aspires to be one of the largest commercial resources for professional icons and graphics. Built on the idea of being able to offer a wide range of affordable product choices for both small and large-scale web and graphic design projects TitanIcons offers its clients the flexibility of being able to choose between large discount packages, or individual items.

The client was interested in obtaining 50 PR3+ links/month for www.titanicons.com. The links had be permanent reciprocal links, related to icons, templates, web and software development, etc. Moreover, the websites from which the links would be derived had to be quality websites and not link directories, links farms, etc.

Our Endeavor
SynapseInteractive offers online promotional services that cater specifically to the needs of small and medium sized organizations looking for any and all sorts of web based marketing requirements.

Based on the requirements put forward by the client, the link building team carried out a comprehensive research on the web to locate prospective link partners. The complexity of the job was alleviated by the facts that the industry target was highly competitive with most potential link partners brandishing commendable page ranks, and compared to them our client website was fresh and without any page rank. Hence, the onus was to filter out only such sites with a PR value of three and above, who would be interested in collaborating with a website without any PR, and this made the job immensely bulky.

Another shortcoming was the fact that the client website was a CMS based one, limitation our possibility to display partner links in the most appreciable way. This was the main reason why initial conversion was low. However, this was overcome by increasing the volume of link requests so that the ultimate result was commensurate to the project requirements.

The Results:
Attracting well-established link partners to an entirely new website is itself a challenging task. Not only were sites having page rank value of 3 and above apprehensive about linking to a nascent website, but also the dynamic nature of the client website made it difficult to display links an optimum manner. These were the main barriers faced by the Internet marketing team. However, the decision taken by the team to increase the volume of requests paid off well. Results started showing within two months and were quite commensurate to what the project entailed.

Last updated : Feb 22, 2008