The Challenge is a Christian community website that sought for improvement in member registration as well as traffic inflow. With a primary target of the site being improved ranking on a set of competitive keywords, despite having a dynamic structuring, we were required to undertake an ingenious and multi-prong online marketing strategy.

The Response
Synapse Interactive SEO team undertook The Challenge head-on. We devised customized SEO strategy to improve ranking of the site as well as effective SMO steps to boost the popularity of the site and simultaneously the inward traffic flow. Our effort centered upon effectuating a wholesome online marketing strategy that was to ensure speedy fulfillment of all of client’s requirements.

The Result
Our anticipation and subject matter understanding paid good dividends. The site that came to us with an inward traffic count of just 4237, started to boasts an inflow count of 21046 by the ending phase of our SEO/SMO services. While the initial registration count read a paltry 250, it has above 2400 today. And all achieved within just 5 months of pure white hat SEO and smart SMO practices.

Today, appears as a formidable web identity that features:

  • Improved ranking on all the pre-determined keywords
  • Substantial improvement in the traffic inflow
  • Multiple increase in the registration total

Keywords PerformanceGoogle

Keywords Before After
Christian community forums NA 3
craziest religions NA 5
Christian religious forum NA 5
Online christian community NA 6
Religious forums NA 9
Christian community NA 9
Christian forums 33 10
Christian forum NA 12
christian networks NA 14
christian community website NA 16
Free christian blog sites NA 17
Religious Website NA 19
Christian friends network NA 20
Christian Blogs NA 21
Christian friends NA 40
Christian social networks NA 82
Christian social network NA 88
Last updated : Apr 29, 2009
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.