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Professional Magento SEO experts plays a crucial role to make your business identity online. They use various tips, and tricks and boost your page ranking on search engine. Magento SEO specialist make your brand awareness around the Globe with minimum time frame.

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Magento is a robust eCommerce platform, utilized by numerous pioneer retailers.  One of the greatest ones is performance, which comes as an aftereffect of the platform being so powerful. There are loads of things that should be possible to enhance the execution like page caching, serving resources by means of a CDN and standard systems for optimizing JS and CSS, however various small scale retailers particularly appear to struggle in this area. 

Common Magento SEO issues and Its Solution:
Search engine optimization plays a vital role in the popularity of  Magento web store's discoverability, increasing visitors as well as enhancing sales. In spite of the fact that Magento SEO is not a cake walk. It is most tiresome endeavors, even for the highly qualified Magneto SEO Experts.

There are multiple complicated SEO based issues connected with the Magento platform and the most widely recognized ones that consistently faces are indexing of dynamic pages and issues with Magento's rewrite functionality.

The dynamic pages are doubtlessly the greatest one. As mentioned above, this is extremely common and it's something that is an issue out of the box so the number of Magento CMS users face it. This issue is raised for all of the category that has filters, there are an immense number of dynamic variants that could be indexed.

There are various alternatives to resolve this issue – you can utilize the canonical tag to basically convey that the filter pages are less important variations of the main category page. This is a choice in the Magento back-end, however you may find in various conditions that the canonical tag won't secure the pages from being indexed.

You could likewise decide to utilize meta robots tags, which is normally used by expert SEO  professionals. Magento experts most often recommend utilizing a Magento extension to apply no-index, take after labels utilizing URL-based principles. This will likewise allow you to submit manual elimination requests in case you're anticipating to get pages out of the index rapidly.

Robots.txt file also can be utilized, however, it would be better to do this exercise if there's an immense number of dynamic pages requiring to be blocked – just to help Crawlability if there are links that you wish  Google to crawl on the pages.

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