Social Media as Marketing Channel, Is Your Brand Using It Right?

The immense potential of social media marketing in regard to increasing sales is fairly evident. It thus calls for using social media correctly for your brand while focusing on the right channels and methods. Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms can result in improved brand loyalty, higher conversion rates & brand authority, increased inbound traffic, and better search engine rankings; but only when deployed correctly.

By: Deepak Nautiyal

Using social media as a marketing tool for your brand may help in attaining the organizational goals you have set. However, maximum effectiveness of using social media for marketing purposes can be realized only when you go for the right platforms while taking the right approach.

Social media is big; and with every passing day is becoming bigger. At present, around 93% marketers promote their business with help of social media. It clearly shows how much importance businesses are assigning to social media nowadays. Such increased popularity is due to the immense potential social media marketing has for increasing sales.

Points to Consider for Better Utilization of Social Media for Marketing...

You need to consider following points if you want to have a good start while using social media as a marketing channel.

  • Ample competition is already present on social media; it indicates that your social traffic and conversions would be tracked. Don't allow your competitors to leverage all benefits.
  • Starting early is a big plus as social media is all about building relationships; and this flow gains momentum as soon as your brand starts gaining more identity among social masses. 

Are You Using Social Media Correctly as Marketing Channel ?

A number of ways in which social media marketing can bring good results for your business include increased brand recognition, improved brand loyalty, better conversion opportunities, higher conversion rates, higher brand authority, decreased marketing costs, increased inbound traffic, better search engine rankings and richer customer experiences.

Which social media platforms to go for is the foremost question that arises in regard to using social correctly for marketing. Facebook has a large user base that accounts for around 1.23 billion people. If you plan to leverage it, you need creating a proper Facebook page. Besides establishing the page, you also need to churn out a posting plan based on following questions-

  • How many times each day you should post?
  • Are there any specific hours that would provide better engagement?
  • Audience engagement is better by sharing photos or text posts?
  • Should a formal tone be kept or should it be more friendly & conversational

As for Twitter, the figures reach to around 650 million users; most of which are most likely to be online using their mobile devices. Make sure you have acquired the understanding of Twitter conventions like Mentions, Re-tweets, Hashtags etc to leverage the engagement potential of this platform. Using Twitter, you can not only search for keywords but also track conversations. It will also provide you better insights into how your audience interact with similar businesses.

However, in case you are doubtful, social media marketing services providers are available in plenty these days to guide you whenever you feel the need to get better consultation or guidance on using social media platforms for marketing. You can take consultation and opt for the offered package that suits your requirements. However, the more time you take in starting the campaign, the more you may lose. So, try starting as quickly as possible.

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