Social Media: Intellectual Method For Boosting SEO Strategy

Searching for new opportunities to merge social media with local brand's SEO strategy? How to boost your local search presence using Snapchat and Quora.

By: Sujoy

It is quite challenging to integrate search and social strategy to influence social platforms, to increase the website positioning on search engines. In the digital market, where competition is really high, it is really difficult to use a social media platform to promote the local brand. You should regularly analysis that your brand is using the social method platform efficiently or not.

In the latest market trend, everyone is switching to online marketing methods to promote their brand. Somehow, while performing the online marketing activities, you have probably used the two major social media platforms, i.e., Facebook and Twitter. Also, you have used LinkedIn and Google+, if you’re performing local marketing strategy for your brand enhancement.

However, there are numerous social platforms, that are used by the local businesses to boost their local SEO. Here are the two different, but an essential social media platform which you can use to broaden your local presence?

Snapchat and Quora are the two most popular social media platforms, which you can use as a micro-strategies to integrate your local brand's SEO strategy.

1. Snapchat

Local SEO Strategy: To promote your brand, use Snapchat Geofilters, continue with PR and social media campaigns. This will help you to generate buzz and links.

How To Use Snapchat: For enhancement of your local brand, you can use Snapchat “On-Demand Geofilters”, in any method, according to your business requirement. For using it, you can develop your own filter design, then set the geographical parameters for your geofilter, and fix the dates you want the geofilter to run. Later Snapchat will review your design, and it should be approved within one business day. As Snapchat doesn’t create web content, it is more useful for SEO. Over the time, it will increases a website’s credibility, as well as strengthen the search engine positioning. Moreover, it will increase the local traffic to your site, which means an increase in the conversion rate of business leads.

2. Quora

Local SEO Strategy: Expand your local brand by answering industry-relevant questions, targeted the expertise of your business.

How to Use Quora: Quora is an open community forum that works on the concept of complete personalization. It allows the users to discuss about the specific topics of interest, as well as view questions of other people are asking about the specific topics. It also provides a vast platform for the members to ask questions and discuss the topics by taking the help and responses of the Quora community. According to the fact, the customers attract more towards the personalized content. Those brands who deliver the personalization throughout the buyer’s journey, have a higher lead conversion rate, which mean more traffic to the site, which create a stronger SERP position.

To be a part of Quora family, firstly create your profile. Once join it, start following the topics that relate to your brand, and answer those questions in which you have expertise. Meanwhile, link back that page on your site or blog.

Sharpen Your Opportunities

Somehow, it is difficult to integrate the Social networks into a local brand SEO strategy. But with these interesting and captivating platforms, you can enhance your conversion goals. With these platforms and your capabilities, you can develop new business network, which provides a great boost to your brand.

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