Technical SEO and Content marketing - How to mix them properly?

Importance of content marketing is quite high just like SEO. Pooling these two together can drive better results for your business. To get the right blend of SEO and content marketing, you need to create content for Wikipedia, wisely use search data, get Authorship and rich snippets suitably implemented on all your blogs/websites besides correctly publishing & promoting your SEO optimized content.

By: Deepak Nautiyal

It has been revealed from studies done over the past few years that brands are spending a very good amount on content marketing. So, its not hard to conclude the importance of content marketing; the popularity of which is nearing that of SEO. In different situations, one may consider SEO and content marketing to be rivals; however, mixing them together would produce brilliant results for your business.

A number of companies offering SEO services in India have already started pooling the two together to deliver better results for their client's business. Let's dig deep into the ways of effectively blending the two together -

Create Content for Wikipedia - Traffic generation is an incredibly powerful aspect that Wikipedia brings along. For almost all Google's search terms, it ranks well and this reflects the importance of Wikipedia. Broken links have been a constant issue with Wikipedia as it features loads of pages and references. You need to find the dead links on a specific Wiki page, copy its URL and then place it in in to know what it was about. Make your own page on that topic and return to Wiki page - then do link editing and finally paste in your own.

Wisely Use Search Data - Make sure to create content that your audience actually want and can share & engage with. Creating low quality, thin content packed with keywords will not be appreciated neither by your audience nor Google. Identify the keywords & phrases needed to create quality content for your audience. A good way would be to consider the trending topics and frame content according to them.

Grow Authorship - Have Authorship and rich snippets implemented on your blog/website as these are crucial for SEO and content marketing. When Google search results display your picture & name, your authority as an author will grow in size. Same can be easily set up using your Google Plus profile. Link your G+ page to your profile on WordPress.

Publish & Promote - Make sure your content is optimized for SEO. You can link it to older blog posts and different parts of your website. Also ensure proper CTAs to allow proper sharing and link back. Links and social media are the 2 key aspects one needs to consider for content promotion. Further, after publishing and promotion, also ensure that you analyze the effectiveness of your content.

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