The Secrets to a Perfectly Optimized Website Page Discussed

A website must be correctly optimized to ensure attracting better visitor traffic. In order to implement the perfect SEO techniques for a website, there are a few key points that must be followed. Ensuring proper image optimization, proper meta data on all images, suitable categorization, proper title optimization etc., are some things you need to do to have a perfectly optimized website.

By: Deepak Nautiyal

Keyword density and Meta tags are the two words you would constantly get to hear in regard to on-page SEO; but how practically are these implemented over your website. Employing the perfect SEO techniques that can be a savior for a drowning website may be hard actually when you lack the relevant expertise.

Getting your website pages up to the standards of the search engine guidelines requires knowing the ways for optimizing your website's pages better. Here we reveal the secret for optimizing your website's pages correctly & perfectly. You can implement the same for your website to have excellent results.

Ensure Proper Image Optimization: Its quite crucial to keep the size & weight of the images on page totally perfect; while ensuring that no compromise on quality aspect is made. Above mentioned parameters are decided on the nature of the website; for example, much bigger & heavier images will be required for a photo blog pages than for a website pages displaying products. RIOT, Online Image Optimizer, PNGGauntlet,  are some of the tools that can be made use of for compressing/optimizing your images size & weight.

Ensure Perfect Meta Data on All Images: Right from the file name to ALT text, Meta info involves everything; and you need to ensure to keep it all right. Also ensure that your images comply with the Google images standards; else you can't expect them to be listed on the Google's images section. Tags recommended for adding in images include description, keywords, title etc.

Ensure Suitable Categorization: Adding suitable categories renders the navigation task much easier. Having minimum three internal links directing to each of your website's page. It will also facilitate easily understandable keyword spread of your site.

Ensure Original, Quality Content Throughout: Maintain quality content standards constantly throughout your website. Publishing informative content is a necessity if you want to impress visitors coming to your website. Besides ensuring that you post fresh content, also constantly monitor periodically to ensure that no other website copies your content. A reputed SEO agency in India can be a good help in this regard as they have experienced content creators in their team.

Ensure Proper Title Optimization: Title optimization is as crucial as content optimization. For this, ensure to -

  • Suitably wrap title in H1 tag
  • Add modifiers to title
  • Start title with keyword

Ensure Suitable White Space: Use proper white space to make your pages easier to read. Below are given some rules for the same -

  • Have reasonable size page margins
  • Avoid chunks of unbroken text
  • Have consistent spacing

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Author : Deepak Nautiyal

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