Top 4 Innovative Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business

Facebook marketing has become one of the most crucial needs for businesses of all sizes. Following a few vital tips can definitely help a business make the most out of Facebook marketing. Unleashing potential of boosted posts, using ActionSprout, using Website Custom Audiences are some of the things one can do in this regard.

By: Pooja

As a massive social media resource, Facebook serves well to create strong relationship between your brand and customers. A number of businesses across the globe have reaped the benefits of Facebook marketing. If you are a small business that desires to make it really big by leveraging the potential of Facebook marketing, you need to properly plan your strategy while also keeping the budget under control.

Proper scheduling will also be necessary as there is no means of posting info when your fans are busy doing something else. Most importantly, you need to follow some innovative tips that can help your business make the most out of Facebook marketing. Let's take a look at these must-know tips in detail that are invaluable for your business. Its expected that almost every Facebook marketing company in India and abroad is aware of these tips. 

1. Use ActionSprout – Its not on the Facebook pages but on the news feed that marketers find hard to win the battle. Its due to the fact that only a small number of users visit Facebook pages as they interact with the page updates given in their news feed. Most Facebook pages requiring the user to visit Facebook pages is the major problem encountered by most marketers. ActionSprout woks well to remove this potential barrier by placing the acquisition action in the news feed. So, when users click a specific action, they only get directed to the Facebook authorization page for completing the action.

2. Unleash Potential of Boosted Posts – Boosted posts still have good importance and are quite effective, especially in context of small businesses. However, experts do not recommend the use of this feature for Facebook advertising purposes. But, this doesn't mean that such posts don't have any value. You can make some investment in a boosted post to see the results for your business.

3. Use Website Custom Audiences – With Facebook adopting a pay-to-play approach, there arises a need for marketers to find more effective ways to reach fans. If you have planned to run Facebook ads that are targeted at some specific group of fans, its highly recommended to make use of Website Custom Audiences (WCA). With WCA, you will be able to run Facebook ads via Power Editor. In this way, you would be able to target people visiting your site when they re-visit Facebook. Being more creative with your targeting will result in more effective Facebook marketing efforts, thereby generating more leads and better customers.

4. Put Extra PR Efforts – Press releases serve as one of the most powerful tools to strengthen your publicity efforts. For sourcing stories, journalists rely on Facebook and the social networking giant also promotes this approach by providing contacts for reporters. So, its recommended to share your story on Facebook to help it reach the media and public faster.

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Author : Pooja

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