Top 5 Online Marketing Practices That Will Rule 2015

Online marketing trends have seen a transformation since the last year. So, it becomes essential for all businesses to keep track of the new online marketing practices to be on the profitable side. Some major online marketing practices that will rule the roost in the coming year 2015 include growth in size of content marketing, requirement of more diversity for SMM approach etc.

By: Geeta Tyagi

Sharing info has become a lot easier with Internet and this had also made a strong impact on marketing. The online marketing practices have seen a shift from outbound tactics to inbound ones. It has become a common practice for businesses to publish original content rather than to embed advertisements with any external content as this technique is working more effectively for them.

You may even think to hire an SEO expert from India to keep your online marketing plan updated; which is a good move indeed. However, for a better understanding of the new trends, you should also take a  look at the 5 main online marketing practices that will be ruling the year 2015.

1. Content Marketing Will Grow in Size – Valuable content not only builds strong trust but also establishes authority with consumers.  Creating such content involves suitable industry information in an attempt to offer better entertainment to the user. By doing this, the company is able to build rapport among its audience, thereby developing a loyal following.

So, as content marketing will grow in size, there will be the need to know more about the crucial B2B content marketing strategies and these include case studies, videos, e Newsletters, social media and articles on other sites. It is also a clear indication of the fact that marketing techniques like radio & television ads have become less effective. Hence, online marketers will be focusing more on inbound marketing by delivering engaging content.

2. More Diversity Will be Required for SMM Approach – New social media sites are coming into light fast. Its these popular social media sites that are providing plenty of opportunities for businesses to develop unique & engaging content in different media forms. As a result of this, businesses are looking forward to experiment with more number of networks so that they can reach maximum customers in quick time. Such type of diversification builds brand equity as customers are able to recognize a particular brand.

3. Necessity of Mobile Friendly Content – As Smartphone era has already started, its crucial that firms create content that mobile users can access with ease. No matter, whether its about utilizing responsive web design or creating a website's mobile version, providing positive experience to mobile users is a must. With users shifting from bulky desktops to compact mobile devices, businesses need to make the changes to avoid losing customers to competitors.

4. More Emphasis On Ad Re-targeting – It is an effective marketing strategy that utilizes browser cookies for tracking websites visited by different users. So, once a user leaves the webpage of a specific site, the products/services of that site will be visible to him in form of advertisements across other websites. It reminds the customers about the products they viewed earlier to increase the overall conversion rate by a good number. In this way, the customer has in mind the brand and its product, irrespective of the site visited.

5. Social Signals Will Play their Part in Search Rankings – Its a fact that social signals form one of the three SEO pillars and so their role in deciding the organic search rankings cannot be overlooked. More is the number of shares for a particular content, higher is its quality and better is its position in the search engine rankings. Its  a major reason why businesses will go for installation of social share plugins besides encouraging customers to adopt a maximum-share approach.

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    Sharing info has become a lot easier with Internet and this had also made a strong impact on marketing.

Author : Geeta Tyagi

The author has vast experience in multiple domains including web design & development, SEO/SMO, and digital marketing. Based on her technical & managerial expertise, the author provides her valuable input in content creation. In order to have an excellent understanding of the current industry trends, the author continually updates herself with everything that is relevant to the industry. She currently enjoys a respectable position in the industry owing to her industry-specific skills that include client-handling, project management & delivery, quality management, complex data analysis and team management, to name a few.