Top 5 Remarketing Tips To Increase Ad Conversion

In online marketing, the remarketing adverts play a really important role. According to PPC Modes Ultimate Guide for Retargeting, Most sites are only able to convert 2% of their visitors on average. With retargeting (remarketing) however you are able to keep the interest of the other 98%.

By: Jitendra Singh

Through remarketing ad, the people can easily discover their product website visitors, and can boost their brand when the visitors are moving around the web. This is possible by placing a cookie on an individual’s browser. Through this method, the companies can easily get the track record of their visitor’s buying habits and can create adverts completely targeted to their interests. As the top PPC company India, we know the importance of the remarketing ad and how to use it. Here are the five key factors that help you to understand why the remarketing adverts is essential for your website.



1. Relevance


While remarketing campaign, it is really important that what products or service you are remarketed to your audience. So, display only the highly targeted adverts, which can easily attract various existing or potential customers, and make them click back to your website. For this, showcase only those products in the remarketing banner which your customer viewed on your website. This is also know as the Dynamic Remarketing.


2. Call To Action


Add on calls to action on your remarketing banners. Through this you can push your visitors to click on the advert, and make them simply landed to your website. Use impressive advert, which can actually convince the visitors to click on the advert and convert into potential customers.


3. Perfect Timing


Usually, when people visit a website, there is no buying surety of the online products, as they may choose to directly on the phone or by the store. Showing advert for the same product which the people has already bought, is totally wastage. So, it is necessary that the people see the adverts a limited number of times, and instead of its showcase various other complementary products. As your adverts will have your brand name, it is that your message is constantly reinforcing them. This makes your brand remember to the visitors, whenever they are looking for the products to buy.


4. Right Design For The Target Audience


While designing the remarketing banners make sure that the design reflect your brand and encourages the visitors to click the buying button and complete their purchase. You can static or animated adverts, totally depend upon the message you want to show. May be you find static advert easy, but it can't showcase your products or service in the best possible way as you want. This is beacause it is a simple still advert, which contains a logo, call to action button and an image. So, it is better that you convey your story or message with animated banner ads, as it design in a HTML 5 advert.


5. Optimise To Boost Conversions


Whenever you opt for a PPC campaign, make sure that you constantly test the remarketing adverts to check they are optimised for conversions or not. You can use the Split test tool to check the adverts, which one is more effective at converting. While testing you should check the Calls to action copy, colours and button position, number of times an advert is displayed for, images on the advert and Static and animated adverts.


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Author : Jitendra Singh

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