Top 7 Robust Magento SEO Extensions

Optimizing a Magento powered online store is an easy breather, thanks to the array of Magento SEO extensions it offers. Here in this article, we will discuss top 7 robust SEO extensions for a Magento based eCommerce site.

By: Deepak Nautiyal

Magento is a Zend PHP and MySQL powered open source platform to build eCommerce sites. Magento comes with an array of SEO extensions that makes it a popular platform among webmasters. Here in this blog, we will discuss top 7 robust Magento SEO extensions. So, let's begin....

SEO Suit Pro:

SEO Suit Pro is one of the most popular SEI extensions for a Magento site that allows adding Canonical URLs as well as Robot Meta tags to the header section of pages. Adding this feature will stop web spiders to cache pages that are duplicate as well as pages that do not have any content.

MSemantic Basic:

MSemantic Basic extension is believed to increase your click-through rates by 30% as it stores the whole information of your products pages like price, availability, images etc., and enables search engines to show them as a whole in the search results. 

Canonical URLs:

"Canonical URLs for Magento" is an extension that adds new canonical links to the header sections of your webpages, barring the system from generating duplicate content URL.

SEO Suite Enterprise:

This is a useful SEO extension for a Magento site where you can get an assortment of features like transforming Product tag URL, RSS Feed URL etc., into SEI friendly URLs. This extension is specifically one of the most popular ones as it combines all the necessary things for webmasters in making an eStore search engine friendly.

SEO Layered Navigation:

This extension gives URL improvement suggestions, helping the webmasters in making SEO friendly URLs which in-turn helps them improving search rankings of the pages.

Extended Sitemap:

Extended Sitemap extension replaces the default Magento Google Sitemap to auto generated XML sitemap. This sitemap comes with more optimized and advanced functionality. In this sitemap, webmasters can see all product categories and other CMS pages in hierarchical structure.


The SEOgento extension enables the webmasters to boost the ranking without doing any changes in the codes. It allows adding manufacturer name on the product page, customizing canonical URLs, creating dynamic & customizable titles as well as Meta tags on store product pages and category pages.

After discussing these Magento SEO extensions, it will not be wrong to state that - by implementing good on-site techniques to optimize your site, you will naturally increase the effectiveness of common off-site optimization techniques.

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