Top SEO Copywriting Practices that can Boost Traffic

Content being the most important tool for search engine optimization, has been empowered recently more than ever. It has now become a thumb rule to mount quality content only in terms of making it big on SERPs. Here in this piece, we would be discussing the best content writing practices that can actually boost the website traffic.

By: Deepak Nautiyal

Undoubtedly, for a website staying in the top pages of search engine results, it is fairly easier to drive visitors. Content is one of the most crucial elements that ranks your website higher than the rest; however, it must be noted that it's the quality content that's being referred to here.

Just like the content quality, the number of pages also lays impact on the traffic & leads. Consider for example the graph below that shows the positive impact of a website's content pages on the inbound leads. You can notice that just like the traffic, the leads go up as the number of website pages touches 300 and more. 

Boosting Website Traffic with Quality SEO Copywriting

High quality content is characterized by a number of elements and only a good copywriter being aware of these traits is competent to deliver the best. There may be a number of SEO copywriting plans available for you but picking the best also calls for judging the copywriter's skills in terms of the content practices. It's via the best SEO copywriting practices only that you can expect boost in your website traffic. Following are some of the best copywriting practices that your hired copywriter must follow to ensure increased website traffic.

1. Engage Readers – It's possible to engage readers only by means of appealing content. Start off with a catchy headline. Now, you need to connect the readers by providing them exactly what they want, or in other words, be relevant to the query of the reader. If the content copy is not relevant to the users requirements, they won't take more than a second to bounce off to some other website.

2. Make it Informative – No doubt, information has high value in the modern world. For example, while selling a product, if you do not clarify what makes the product different from the others available in the market and why should a buyer purchase it, then its said that some very valuable information is being skipped. Readers want to know the benefits of anything that has been cited and when you mention the same in your content copy, the benefits are worth it.

3. Keep Content Lucid – While it has not been indicated by search engines ever that they prefer a particular word count, it has been found that content with 300 words or more perform much better. Longer content posts have the capability to engage a wider set of audience, provided that the post is engaging enough and understandable. For the understanding part, you can refine your content using subheads, bullets, suitable images etc., so that readers find it easier to catch its meaning.

4. Play with Keywords – As keywords are the essence of search, you need to focus on the ones that can attract good traffic. Target one focal keyword per page, a term that has high search volume yet low competition. Create keyword-rich headings and include the topic keyword in the heading.

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Author : Deepak Nautiyal

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