Top SEO Tips You need to Know in 2015

Search engines, updating its algorithms continuously. So, to make the position of your website on the first page of the search engine, SEO professionals are heading towards a holistic approach rather than traditional marketing trends.

By: Jitendra Singh

Google keeps on overhauling its search engine algorithms. The field of SEO is littered with hypothesis and speculative practices. Continually enhancing search engine software means numerous SEO specialists are heading towards a more comprehensive approach in accordance with content marketing strategy and traditional marketing trends.


Here are some current trends and other valuable tips to utilize when developing your SEO plan in 2015:

1. The Ever-Changing Google Search and its Algorithm: Google has said previously that they do more or less two changes to their algorithm every day. Google either specified authoritatively these changes or that have had a huge effect on the Internet marketing community. These overhauls may appear to be astounding, but they really helpful for the Online Marketing Company step in and make their websites  more competitive in the context of Google's new standards. Internet Marketers should concentrate on tidying up their link profiles and developing textually rich content that incorporates images, video, and audio and that completely explores what pulls new customers and keeps them coming back.
2.  Optimization for Multi-Screen: Online business owners are utilizing diverse or separate URLs or locations for their mobile benevolent websites instead of solidifying their endeavors to a solitary website. This is an issue, as the common content is published on more than one URL or location. How does search engines know which URL to show their searches? For ideal success,  search engine Google suggests "responsive web design." Responsive web design adjusts the layout or size of the website as per the screen or window size of whatever device or internet browser is being utilized to view it. With responsive website design there is no issue whether your customers are utilizing an iPhone, Android, tablet or desktop PC, the HTML code used to render the page is the same for each URL.

3. Local Search on Search Engines: As per the Google Places Stats and Facts more than 20% searches on Google are related to location. Getting your business on Google+ and Bing is not a troublesome task. Whether you hire a third party or do it in house, you must optimize local search for the majority of your business locations in 2015.

4. Compatible HTML 5 Environment: HTML 5 is vital as it supports dynamic as well as interactive content like FLASH and compatible across various devices, internet browsers, and screens. Additionally, the need of numerous advancements, for instance, FLASH and Silverlight for your organization's ads and interactive content, all merge  into HTML 5, saving development cost and time to execute.

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Author : Jitendra Singh

With over more than 11 years of experience in Digital marketing services and technical writing, this author specializes on the cutting edge implementation of new era technology to offer better user experience and generate more business ROI through the effective use of SEO, SEM, PPC, Social media and web analytics in online campaigns.