Ways to Gain from Combined Promotion on Facebook Brand & Direct Marketing

Companies are relying on social media sites like Facebook as it has proved worthy of adding a new dimension to the businesses. Facebook allows getting the right blend of brand marketing and direct marketing, thereby leading to greater efficiency and increased effectiveness of a brand promotion campaign. Hence, its wise to explore the opportunities associated with this blend.

By: Payel Bhattacharjee

Facebook - the name is connected to us in more than one way. Be it an individual or a business, not having a Facebook account on place is not an option nowadays. The platform has proved itself worthy in many ways, it has emerged from being just another social networking to a place which means business.

Thanks to the initiatives Facebook took, it has actually given a whole new dimension how people promote, buy or sell online. And when we are talking about marketing - we have to talk about two of the most prominent ways, which are : Brand Marketing and Direct Marketing.

Often people comment that the marketing that we do on Facebook, be it of any kind, is regarded as a brand activity. Meaning if we promote or project a product or service on Facebook, it will help your business to reach your target group, but won't drive conversion. The statement may be true to an extend, but it is not an "either-or" proposition. If we can combine direct and brand marketing well together, we can also get conversion from Facebook.

Businesses are growing their social media budget and this growth is directly related to the increased expectation of getting leads from the platforms. According to a survey results in marketers, it has been that 88% of them still want to know how best to measure social media ROI. And in this concern, Facebook marketing services price play an individual role.

Having said that, the blend of brand marketing as well as direct marketing becomes all the more important. How can we actually do it? Let's discuss:

  • Facebook has actually been used as a "point of conversion" where businesses can "market" their other "other marketing" activities. Meaning if they are having TV, billboard, email advertisements; they can popularize them more through Facebook.
  • Facebook gives conversation opportunities, so you can use the platform to share data and insight about your brand by luring them with exclusive content.
  • Facebook gives you a platform where you can use the platform's utilities to make your brand broader in a measurable way.
  • Facebook is a place to find actual consumers, where your consumers can actually talk and learn about your products. And with the advent of Facebook Buy Button" now people can also expect to buy the products directly from their home page.
  • Facebook empower your loyal customers to amplify your brand message which will in-turn boost your organic reach. 

Combining brand and direct marketing can further help you to gain greater efficiency and can also increase the effectiveness of your campaign. In a time where marketers are prone to reap definite benefits out of social media, especially Facebook, exploring opportunities to combine brand marketing and direct marketing is one of the best initiatives one can take up.

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Author : Payel Bhattacharjee

Payel Bhattacharhee has a degree in Mass Communication and is working as a Web Content & Social Media Expert at SynapseInteractive with 6+ years of experience in the fields. She carries a good understanding of the Online Marketing industry; and her eagerness to know & learn about new technologies & latest happenings in the genres helps her in providing the desired insights about them through her copies.