What are the Basic Landing Page Strategies To Increase Leads?

Increasing leads is something every businesses aspires for; however, only a few succeed in doing so. Optimized lead generation can be boosted by formulating some effective landing page strategies; some of which include providing Start Here page, leveraging social media traffic, ensuring minimal data collection, building trust etc.

By: Deepak Nautiyal

Several channels through which visitors arrive at your website are crucial to your internet marketing efforts. Print ads, e-mail offers, PPC are few of these channels and this highlights the necessity of formulating a multi-channel sales strategy. It also makes pretty clear as to why you need to focus more on building a solid landing pages strategy as the visitors come straight to your website's landing pages.

Its these landing pages that act as a bridge between the site functionality and the marketing message that drove visitors to your site. Basic idea behind the strategy is always to shrink down the bounce rate to minimum. A bounce is counted when a visitor comes to your landing page, spends a few second and then gets back to the search engine results page.

Its a fact that visitors coming via a particular search engine query find landing pages featuring keyword search terms far more relevant; that further causes the bounce rate to be minimum. But if your landing page is good enough to provoke the visitor to make a purchase or subscribe to your services; you can forget various aspects related to bounce rate. There are several factors that play role when it comes to generating leads; following figure shows a few of them.

Having explained that in regard to lead generation, let's take a look at the different strategies to follow to increase leads. Most companies offering SEO for mobile websites & other platform websites may also guide you regarding the same.

Provide “Start Here” Page: The very first page where the visitors land in is not a big deal to find. Moreover, you can always look through Analytics to know all "first visits". However, what's more crucial is the next page visitors go to after landing on the first page. The "Start Here" page comes into the picture here. It will serve as an anchor to hold the visitors who liked the initial impression of your website but need more clue on proceeding further.

Leverage Social Media Traffic: It would not be wrong to say that social media serves a dynamic ad tool for your business. People visiting your social profile read your bio and then click on different links within the profile; isn't that an opportunity that needs to be capitalized for attaining your lead goals.

Decrease Data Collection: In order to minimize abandonment, ensure minimal data collection. If the additional information is a must-include then you can plan a new page for the same.

Sign-up Post Subscription: You need to show e-mail subscribers the right way  to consume your content. Its done best by asking them to confirm the subscription.

Include Security Aspects: Always build trust while asking visitors for personal information; including security statements is a good idea for the same.

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