What your SEO Adviser should not Advise you?

Pertaining to the changes that the search engine marketing industry is going through recently, there are a few things that are obsolete these days, while new practices peeped in. Thus, you also need to be abreast of these changes, while your SEO adviser should not advise you a certain things anymore. The article here discusses few such tips.

By: Deepak Nautiyal

The search engine optimization industry has faced a lot of turmoils lately, and it has changed it's practices, beliefs and regular activities upside down in the last couple of years. There are no rigid rules to actually follow as SEO is believed to be a science of evolution. However,  there are certain practices that we should NOT be doing or should not advise our clients to do. Below are some radical practices that your SEO adviser should not advise you to do:

He should not Advise you to Use Wrong Keywords:

Looking into the recent developments in the sphere of SEO, choosing the set of keywords that actually need to be targeted and promoted can be a tricky task. And your SEO expert should not lure you to settle with less contending keywords.

To refrain yourself from choosing the awry keywords, first you should make an astute list of keywords that you think can be targeted.  Then run them through Google Adwords and see if these are going to really work for your business or not by analyzing at the impressions the keywords are receiving.

We would advice you to do a thorough competitor analysis and see what keywords your competitors are targeting and the amount of impressions those keywords are getting. Do not go for average or less competitive keywords; as they would ask for rigorous hard work and would stand a shallow chance to give you positive result in return.

He should not Advise you to Use Similar, Common or Non-descriptive Meta Tags:

Everyone knows how important Meta tags are when it comes to on-page optimization, but small businesses often miss it from doing. Thus make sure your SEO adviser advises you to take Meta tags  seriously and should not abandon you from optimizing them.

Following tips will educate you on how to optimize your Meta tags to get quick benefits:

  • Keep all your Meta tags unique.
  • Keep your Meta tags less than 70 characters.
  • Keep your most important keywords at the beginning of your Meta tags.
  • Keep your Meta tags in accordance to your web pages.
  • Try adding your brand name in the Meta tag .
  • Don not make your Meta tags a keyword dump.

He should not Encourage you to Create Low Quality Links Anymore:

Thanks to the updates that Google brought in the recent past, or it is about to unleash, it has been assured that low quality links are a bygone story. So, ensure that your SEO adviser does not advise you to go with old and obsolete link building strategies. Rather, he should suggest you best and ethical link practices.

SEO is not an overnight thing, it takes time and its success or failure depends upon an array of external as well as internal elements. An ethical SEO expert will guide you through all these and will make sure you get the desired results eventually. Having said that, we can be the best help for you. To hire an SEO expert from India, write to us at or dial +1855 – SYNAPSE to give us a shout. 

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Author : Deepak Nautiyal

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