Why Content Based Ranking Strategy is Gaining Popularity?

Content based ranking strategy is rightfully gaining popularity. Thus, there are few things that you need to take into consideration while devising such a promotional strategy. In this article, we will be discussing few content-focused points, that will help you devise a content base SEO strategy.

By: Brajesh

It has been reiterated by Google from a very long time that high quality content can solely capture search engine's attention. Google is giving enough priority to content in its algorithm; having said that, it won't be wrong to comment that SEO is becoming more and more content-centric. Let's take a look at a few pointers that would help you chalk out a content based SEO strategy.

Refreshing the Website Content at Regular Intervals: Revamping the web content on a regular basis is a good practice to get noticed in the eyes of search engines. But make sure that your new content is not drifted from core things, the target group needs to be same. As Google has almost become human now, thanks to its artificial intelligence, it is advisable to add extremely well-written, error free, informative content - so that your targeted group builds trust for your brand.

Attractive Titles not only Drive Users, but Search Engines too: Using keywords in title is a must from the SERP perspective, but making them interesting and attractive is also equally important. Do not just create Titles for search engines, create them for your readers/audience/visitors; and search engine bots will cache them automatically and will rank them too. A title that pretends to answer a query works the best. Try & use five Ws and one H in your titles.

Do Not Forget to Update your Website on Regular Intervals: An old domain with new things is the sweetest dish for search engines. A stagnant old site has lesser chance to get a higher ranking; but if you fill it with fresh, informative content on a regular basis; your website will automatically be an apple for search engines' eyes. It is not mandatory to put text to your website every time. You can add multimedia elements like videos, presentations, PDFs to give it a variety, making your website a versatile one. 

Add a Blog Section & Keep it Updated: Incorporating a blog to your website will help you garner more viewers, thereby adding to your site’s popularity and consequently its ranking on the search engines. Include tips, “how to” guides, or some news relevant to your business industry or just informative content that would be of interest to your readers.

Do Not Dare to Ignore Social Media: Experts often say "SMO is the new SEO'; whether it's true or not, and whether Google really takes social standing in consideration or not; let's not get into that argument. Whatever the case may be, social media is seriously a major thing now and you cannot afford to avoid it. Promoting your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+ will help in branding your business and get you more followers.

Visual Content is What You Need: As discussed in an earlier point, it is not necessary to share text-based content every time. Adding infographics & videos to your web content gives it a better dynamics and helps you enjoy a better reach.

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