Why Should You Use The Accelerated Mobile Pages: Top 5 Reasons

According to the latest market trend, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has become a necessary part of the website. Basically, AMP is an open-source technology that allows the users to publish mobile-friendly contents on the website pages that helps to load the pages quickly on a mobile device. AMP is can be created with the support of JavaScript library and additional HTML markup. So, if you are still confused that why you should use the AMP technology, then here are the main 5 reasons that you should use it.

By: Jitendra Singh



1. Enhance Mobile SEO

If you really want to rank your site higher in SERPs, then it should be mobile-friendly. For this, you need AMP. It has become the newest revolution of mobile-friendly design. Through AMP, you can easily increase the loading speed of your pages and blog, on mobile devices. This not only provides a better user experience but also make Google rank higher your site in the Mobile Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


2. Decreased Bounce Rate

When it comes to the higher website bounce rate, the website owners do not like it. Usually, the bounce rate increases when visitors come to your site, stay there for few seconds, and go to some other site. This means, your visitors did not find anything interesting on your website that can keep them engaging. Another main reason which increases the bounce rate is website slow speed. If your site pages take lots of time to upload, the user gets irritated and leave your page. To avoid such situation AMP is really important.


3. Help in Website Monetization

Usually, due to the excess of the ad technology, website speed gets very slow. Although, websites increase their number of ads with an aim of earning more revenue. But, excess of ads creates a burden on the website speed resulting in increase of the load time. More the time take by the website to load, more the visitors get irritated and leave your site, which also decreases the less revenue. As AMP comes with ad monetization technology for the mobile web, it provides a complete range of ad formats, ad networks and technologies in Accelerated Mobile Pages.


4. AMP Provide Analytics

Analytics has its own importance in the online marketing universe. Through analytics, you can obtain a deep insight into the performance of your specific marketing campaigns. Here AMP suits best as it provides the analytics as well. With ANP, you can easily keep the track record of important data about your visitor, clicks, conversions, a number of returning users, link tracking, video engagement, etc.


5. Compatible With Google

When it comes to the website visibility, you need to implement the best statics to enhance it. To get a better visibility on Google, you need AMP. Even Google has made it simple to split-test AMP pages that mean your website AMP errors will be displayed in the search results by the Google. Moreover, Google has now added the AMP pages in the organic search results.



Nowadays, the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has become an important element for the mobile websites. Through AMP, you can easily publish the mobile-friendly content to your website, as well as enhance its loading speed even with a huge load. Moreover, it is totally compatible with Magento, Wordpress, and other popular CMS that makes the activation of AMP pages really easy. If you want to add AMP to your website, then connect with the best development company which provides excellent Mobile SEO in India. As they are professionals, they know how to integrate the AMP efficiently to your mobile website.

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Author : Jitendra Singh

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