Why Social Media links are Getting Equal Prominence and Importance in SEO Process?

Web optimization is facing an interesting mash-up these days, where the fine line between SMO and SEO is getting erased. Experts say, SMO is the new SEO. How true that statement is? Well, here is an interesting and insightful article discussing the fact inside out.

By: Sushant Singh

Google has started paying attention to information or data posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and such other social media websites because it believes a data shared or liked by maximum people is considered to be something worthy. Here’s a low-down on everything that makes Social Media Channels so much interesting, and important!

Social Shares Regarded as Smart Link Building Strategy:

Search engines always give credibility to sites that have large number of relevant links. For years, we have seen different online businesses applying different link building techniques to get noticed by Google and get a high ranking on its search listings.  With the emergence of various social media sites, high quality content gets spread via social shares.

A rising number of websites have links of their Facebook page, Twitter page, Google+ page, and more on the home page to let search engines understand the credibility of a website and its ranking based on the usage of keywords.  Google gives importance to a link that is shared or tweeted multiple times as opposed to a link that is hardly shared.

Importance of Google+:

Ever since the launch of Google+, the search engine giant has started paying more attention to social networks. Google lets an author claim his or her content. It means people will instantly get to check the Google+ profile of the author once he or she publishes the content. In the process, the author’s bio and picture gets linked to the content that appears in search engine results. Google authorship acknowledgement helps an individual get increased visibility online and higher clicks.

Social Media Brings Quality Links:

Back in the older days and prior to Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, the popular practice of SEO was to add multiple links on a website without judging their quality. However, Google soon started penalizing sites that contained irrelevant links and gave more credit to specific links and not to all of them.

Social media sites gave an opportunity to people to share high quality information and thus ‘social signals’ became a popular way to judge the authenticity of a website. Companies offering best of social media optimization services in India ensure they don’t provide fake social signals or create fake accounts to attract massive audience. These SMO companies help in creating a huge follower base on social media by uploading original, informative content and help in your SEO efforts.

Quality Social Connections and Followers get Noticed:

Just like Google and other search engines gives credit to quality content, they also take into consideration the follower base or social connections of a particular page.  However, just having millions of followers will not help in your search engine optimization efforts, what is needed here is having quality followers, friends, and connections. It is a fact that many social media pages contain spam followers. Hence, having more quality social connections will help you get more traffic and popularity.

Use Keywords Smartly:

One of the crucial things to do while managing social media accounts is to include keywords in your Facebook or Twitter that best describes your business. Ensure all your social media profiles and URL have appropriate information about your company and use keywords and name of your company in a smart way. Additionally, try to incorporate the keywords naturally in your content before posting the same on your Facebook or such other social networking page.

Utilize the Benefits of  Local Search:

Make sure your Foursquare, Yelp or Google+ page has up-to-date information about yourself or your company and the address and phone numbers are all correctly added. Today, an increasing number of people are using their smartphone to search for various businesses and their offerings; hence your profile on all location-based social networks must be kept updated with a proper direction to your location.

Thus, to get a high ranking on search engines and drive maximum traffic, you need to create an accurate social signal using the right set of keywords and building maximum quality inbound links. Remember, social media optimization is all about enhancing a site and its content via maximum social shares and connections.

Find an SEM and SMO service provider (from India) and set your sail to the sky.

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Author : Sushant Singh

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