Why You Need Professional SEO Consultancy?

In a time when having a website is as important as having a business, a professional SEO consultant is what you need at your side. What?, well to know that, please go through the discussion below.

By: Geeta Tyagi

Your website serves as the major medium for your targeted audience to know about your business. So, when your website is no longer visible in the search results, do you expect to have plenty of traffic for your website ? Surely, that can't be the case with your website if its no longer coming up in the top SERPs.

In such a condition, you will need the assistance of some professional SEO services that can take your business out of trouble. A professional SEO consultant is well-aware of the effective SEO tools & tricks and can help you outperform your competitors. Such a consultant analyzes your website based on different parameters like ranking analysis, link analysis etc.

Consider for example the SEO ranking analysis done for a website by a SEO consultant before & after the Google Penguin update. It can be noticed that in January the website had 40 results in the top spot on Google’s results page. Post Penguin update, only 14 of these results were still in the top position.

Ranking analysis is not the only reason why you should hire an SEO consultant; other reasons for the same are mentioned below in detail. Take a look.

1. Attain Improved Results – Do not approach an SEO consultant only when your website has totally disappeared from  the search results. Waiting for the worse to happen is like preparing for self-destruction of your business. Its better to hand over the SEO task to a reputed professional company right after your site is launched. Doing this will allow your service provider to keep track of your website rankings right from the very beginning.

2. Doing it Right – Its fine enough to complete tasks on your own on the professional front; however, it doesn't mean that you can ensure good results for your website that is under trouble due to lost rankings by employing your little SEO know-how. If you have the basic understanding of SEO concepts, it can prove useful for simple situations.

But when it comes to deteriorating rankings and Google penalties, its only experience that counts. Only a professional SEO specialist can help your sinking website come out of trouble. Moreover, you can have the valuable second opinion if you just want to leverage the consultant's ideas.

3. Save Time – By all means, time is invaluable. Rather than spending time making SEO strategies for your website, its better to hire someone who can do the task for you in quick time. An experienced SEO consultant is pretty aware of the techniques & tactics to adopt for the betterment of your website's rankings. When they can do it quickly, why should you not focus on other crucial areas of your business.

Consider your website's design for example; if it is dull then no matter what SEO techniques you employ, visitors may come to your site but may not lead to conversions. So, its not only the professional SEO consultancy services that can help you out but you also need to focus on the design & usability of your website. As far as hiring a professional SEO consultancy is concerned, you should choose to hire a company that has years of experience in the domain serving clients using white hat SEO techniques. 

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Author : Geeta Tyagi

The author has vast experience in multiple domains including web design & development, SEO/SMO, and digital marketing. Based on her technical & managerial expertise, the author provides her valuable input in content creation. In order to have an excellent understanding of the current industry trends, the author continually updates herself with everything that is relevant to the industry. She currently enjoys a respectable position in the industry owing to her industry-specific skills that include client-handling, project management & delivery, quality management, complex data analysis and team management, to name a few.